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How South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe measure up on child offenders

How Igbo women used petitions to influence British authorities during colonial rule

Pasha 75: Facebook helped us to learn what snakes eat. Why this is important

Vulnerability in the context of COVID-19 is complex. Responses to the pandemic need to consider variations in forms and distribution of risk

How South Africa's leaders can avoid being held hostage by strong lobby groups

#Jellyfish can destroy fishing nets and spoil catches. Many species also deliver a painful sting. But despite some of these negative impacts, jellyfish are incredibly useful

Lessons from two pan-African giants on how to achieve genuine nuclear disarmament

The #COVID19 pandemic has further emphasised the need for a more diverse and inclusive food system, in which small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a key role

An accurate account of what snakes eat isn’t easy to put together. But it’s important because a detailed understanding of a snake’s diet can inform #antivenom research

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