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What a rad way to start my #firstfathersday with a nice morning walk ! So lucky 🤙🏻💫#fathersday @mrsglase @ Allentown, Pennsylvania

From @mrsglase , Lincoln and I,Congratulations ehms_ and especially 6th grade!!! You guys made it through a wild school year and will be returning to school next fall as 7th graders! So cool ! Good luck!!!…

Nap time! 💤 Lincoln has been doing a great job, @mrsglase and I love getting to spend all this time with him ! Stay safe! Only one more week of our regular remote instruction here at ehms_ !! #letsgo @ Allentown,…

#ehvirtualspirit ehms_ #tbt @ Allentown, Pennsylvania

Celebrating #ehvirtualspirit with students and staff at @EastHillsMSbasd. Send in a pic of your mismatch Gear! #basdproud @ Allentown, Pennsylvania

Lincoln and Luna straight chillin! 😎 nice picture @mrsglase #meanmug @ Allentown, Pennsylvania

Lincoln is back home with us !!!!!! Luna is doing a great job with him too !!! Thanks for everyone’s well wishes ! @ Allentown, Pennsylvania

Ladies and gentlemen , I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the family ... LINCOLN CARL GLASE!!!!!! He was just born Monday, and he will be checked out of the hospital in a few days after some…

Just transplanted some spinach and basil into the garden , might as well get em going !!! Next up is kale, tomatoes, and peppers! #garden @ Whitehall

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