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“23 years old. 🌸 Everlee Ann. 🎀 #initforthelongHall2021”

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3 months until my baby is 2... like what 🥺

I’m so tired

I can’t even tell who is real and who is fake anymore. So done. 😔

I’m so good to others. But I’m not good to myself, that’s a problem.

Praying and praying for this opportunity for our family

Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. 10/10 recommend.

Is this real life? Someone should of snatched that sign. This isn’t a photo shoot opportunity you idiots. Ugh.

Dancing in the living room and laughing with your husband. 10/10 recommend.

To these boutiques who keep popping up on my Instagram and Facebook with super cute clothes, I wanna buy it. But everytime I click your Ad link the sizing is S/M/L and that’s it. That ain’t right. 😩😭

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