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“because my other account was accidentally a fan page lmao”

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OMGG what if the reason why we can’t feel when other people lick our elbows is because we can’t lick them ourselves and we just don’t know the feeling of our tongues touching them OMGONDGZJSJS AHHH MY MIND

can't believe the first time i downloaded TikTok was after I fainted at school and just left while everyone thought I was pregnant

is my sense of humour actually only limited to dad jokes

You know when you talk to someone about something that bothers you so much and they give you the best advice ever and after that it feels like you’re supposed to move on from all the negatives. Yea I’ve been pretending that it doesn’t bother me anymore. it sucks. a lot. lmao

I want to go to a Shrek themed event so badly omg

people who are good at geography scare me. like I know it’s common sense-ish, but pls stop asking me to name my fav thingies [|:^’)

coconut melona>>>>>>

Shoutout to that one guy from the Philippines that walked to my house and made ligaw to my parents after seeing me for only 5 seconds. That dedication, the bravery, the loyalty. Even told my dad his whole plan on how he’ll take care of me even though he didn’t have a job 😭

I have so much Mac merch I’m proud of myself

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