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“Series entrepreneur and writer of the full potential people series. Forza Lazio! Based in Lisboa. Equal rights and anti racism.”

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#muriqi needs to leave Lazio. Not a loan but a sale. #tare needs to consider his position in the club after throwing away a golden opportunity for Lazio as a club.

#Reina is a dinosaur. Get him out!

Horrible position form our BACKUP KEEPER #reina

As we saw last game. #strakosha would saved that. #reina is backup

The most frustrating player in seen in Lazio’s history. #muriqi

Muriqi scores when it’s offside! Of course my horse

Hoping Benevento and super Pippo wins tomorrow. Then Torino will be crushed by Lazio and Benevento will have everything in their hands to send Cairo down! Yippie Ki Yay!

#strakosha in #tareout #muriqiout #getridofthefailure

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