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M: Pennsylvania beats Alabama 14-11

W: Texas-Dallas beats Yale 10-9

W: Boston University beats Hofstra 10-9

W: British Columbia beats Miami 6-5

M: Coastal Carolina beats Auburn 10-2

M: Charleston beats Carleton College-CUT 15-2

W: Kentucky beats Virginia Tech 4-0

W: Tennessee-Chattanooga beats Montana 9-1

M: Washington University-B B beats Pittsburgh 12-2

W: Drexel beats Texas-Dallas 9-8


W: Nebraska beats Illinois 4-3

M: Colorado State beats California-Santa Cruz 11-7

M: New Mexico beats Colorado State 6-2

W: Texas Christian beats Oklahoma 13-0

W: East Carolina beats Oregon State 15-9

W: Oklahoma beats Montana State University 12-4

M: Arkansas State beats Texas Christian 15-10

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