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Supporting Australian-owned companies, employing Australians and retaining profits in Australia.
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Emily Mayo Emily Mayo
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Imagine you are a woman in Queensland considering trying to leave violence and weighing up seeking the support of police. Imagine. #domesticviolence
#TuckFrump #TuckFrump
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Fox News host shuts down strategist who points out Trump has ‘cheated on all’ of his wives
Warren Gunnels Warren Gunnels
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Bernie support a fracking ban because it pumps dangerous cancer-causing chemicals into the ground & threatens our drinking water. We can't allow our children to be poisoned by toxic drinking water so a handful of fossil fuel companies can make more profits
I demand an apology for being asked questions that I repeatedly refuse to answer. - Senator Michella Cash 2019. #auspol
Alison Kate Alison Kate
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Well, what shall I do with my sudden wild twitter popularity? Write a meaningful and clever tweet about treating everyone with dignity and respect? Launch some witticisms? I think I'll just tell you all that my cat's really great and I like board games and beers.
Frustration as life-saving EpiPens sit in warehouses, pharmacists out of stock via @smh
'Un-Australian': Female cricketer denied visa over flight risk concerns via @smh
So Andrew Bolt #theboltreport reckons it's ok if a Teacher puts the 'hard word' on a student, if no sex eventuates there is no problem? So if a 60yr-old sleeze, attempts to have sex with your 6 year-old grandson or granddaughter, it's ok, just part of growing up.
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RT @stoocho: @mickdundee48 @rtralphy I have been a member of union since 1963. Still am.
Wife and I in 2004 decided to use $50 p.w., on whatever we wanted. I have a beer and a bet on Saturday, she goes to lunch with friends & a movie. Now she tells me she put $10 p.w., away and has saved $14,950 would like to take me on O.S. Holiday. Should I give her the extra $50?
'Twiggy' Forrest collects $698m as Fortescue profits surge via @smh
NSW Health given emails of cruise passengers two days after their return via @smh
RT @faully33: @mickdundee48 @virgotweet Just starting to ease here in Blacktown,I thought the house was going to blow over,must have been 1…
Bit of a storm happening, high winds, heavy rain, objects flying through the air, umbrellas, garbage bins and their contents, just saw,a guy on a motorcycle riding past. Hope he makes it home. #ProspectNSW
RT @5dragons: @mickdundee48 @SkyNewsAust @darylgibson Ridiculous isn’t it they want to sell it off to Murdoch seems like the end game.
Margot Saville Margot Saville
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

So Robert Richter QC cross-examined a child for two days about his interactions with a sexual abuser. How does he sleep at night? What kind of person does that? #4corners
🚒Catherine Perry. 🚒Catherine Perry.
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Bullshit @JacquiLambie We don't believe you. We don't trust you. Get into bed with Dutton & Morrison, wake up with the stench of corruption. #NationalSecurity, my arse. #auspol If you've been intimidated, spill the beans.
RT @D_Melissa2: @MikeCarlton01 It’s not rocket 🚀 science 🧬 🧪. Keeping your child safe and happy is probably the number one concern of paren…
RT @mad6duck: @CatPurry9 🙄🤣 i can't help myself in these situations i answer "hell no! I'm an ANTIchristian. . I worship Beelzebub. ...Sat…
Leo Jai™ Leo Jai™
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Armytage again. Sam, who owns a Range Rover, blasts Australians for not buying Holdens.
RT @snowycats: @SkyNewsAust @darylgibson Sky News now an IPA/Liberal propaganda outlet. Nothing more - avoid.
RT @GDixon1977: @KleinRevd ICYMI
RT @KleinRevd: - Paladin was allowed by Dutton to be excluded from Freedom of Information laws. - Paladin has left a string of bad debts an…
RT @KleinRevd: - Paladin has a mailing address that’s actually just a shack on Kangaroo Island. - Paladin was given an advance of $10 milli…
Revd Andrew Klein  ( Chaplain) Revd Andrew Klein ( Chaplain)
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

One year ago today "Let’s talk about #Dutton and this secret contract with the ‘security’ company #Paladin. - Paladin has received a total $423 million in government contracts. - Dutton’s sister, Karen Dutton is allegedly employed as ‘Curriculum Officer’ for Paladin.
RT @potcalling: @denniallen You know where this is going don’t you. Josh will be kosher. NLP court will so decree. Forget justice , embrace…
RT @Sonic_Booth: @KnightkingYCBM Come on no one knew this, no one
600 Store Managers underpaid??? Those 600 Managers are on Salary. Those 600 Managers get Bonuses. Those 600 Managers get Co., Share issues. Why is this 'Big News'? No part-time, casual or full-time unsalaried workers were underpaid. #Thoughts #TheProjectTV
Mary Walsh 🔥🔥🔥 Mary Walsh 🔥🔥🔥
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

“I am asking you to trust me” says @JacquiLambie. It is a national security issue. Yeah....Nah. The public does not trust you missy. #Auspol #QandA
Published By : @Mary Walsh 🔥🔥🔥 Published By : @Mary Walsh 🔥🔥🔥
💧Aaron Dodd 💧Aaron Dodd
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

How grotesquely immoral must the @LiberalAus government be, to argue it has no duty-of-care to the victims of its illegal #Robodebt program. Seriously? #auspol
Greg not a bot or cyber killer bot Greg not a bot or cyber killer bot
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Seems to have been a change in Mr Latham somewhere along the way.
RT @BambrickDaz: @RealMarkLatham Hands up if you remember when Mark Latham wrote we needed decisive action on climate change? https://t.co/…
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

When #Abbott & #Hockey ended subsidies for car industry they destroyed careers of thousands of highly skilled #workers when they could have created new industries to profit from huge core of skill. Their stupidity has led to these skills being lost forever by closure of #Holden.
Janey Godley Janey Godley
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

when I got married in 1980 one of husbands old aunts took me aside and said “be a good wife and do sex on demand” Me “what if he can’t keep up with my demands do I take a lover?” She never spoke to me EVER again
Fiona Fiona
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Liberals under fire for deleting donation record from Morrison ally up for $1bn contract
Fiona Fiona
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Home-owning older Australians should pay more for residential aged care via @ConversationEDU
Ian Gordicans Ian Gordicans
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

#ScottyFromMarketing getting up General Motors for pulling the plug on Holden takes chutzpah to a whole new level #auspol
Published By : @Ian Gordicans
RT @myknittingwool: @lynlinking @HaroldHodson2 @abcnews @JacquiLambie how could we trust you after medivac and your attitude to the cash c…
RT @rayclister: @AlboMP But Michaelia Cash stood there and claimed she was going to stand up for tradies and their utes to protect them aga…
RT @Tank9999: After 3 Prime Ministers all from Sydney no surprise that Most of that money is being spent in Sydney and some in Melbourne…
How the F..ck does Murdoch infiltrate Kindergarten, bloody Rupert will be a household name for generations if we don't stop these mind-games. #nexttorotten
Published By : @💦Laird Mick W Beattie
Daredevil Daredevil
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Number of people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills: UK - 0 France - 0 Spain - 0 Portugal- 0 Denmark - 0 Australia - 0 Iceland - 0 Italy - 0 Finland - 0 Ireland - 0 Germany - 0 Netherlands - 0 Sweden - 0 Japan - 0 Chile - 0 Canada - 0 United States - 643,000
PM: Holden management let company 'wither away' while pocketing billions in taxpayer subsidies via @smh
Who killed the car industry? via @smh
💧Aaron Dodd 💧Aaron Dodd
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

If you have a "thick skin" as you claim @ScottMorrisonMP, why do you go into hiding when there's a crisis and why do you turn and run when anyone asks you a challenging question? Take your time. Think about your answer. I'll wait. #auspol
Mike Carlton Mike Carlton
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Perceptive, this. Turnbull was all talk and no walk. Morrison is more of the same. There is no substance, no policy ambition, no vision - just tinkering at the edges with ideological claptrap like the Religious Discrimination Bill.
Q: If you are on an 'Aged Pension' take a 5 week cruise, which turns into 8 weeks (coronavirus) then you are quaranteened in Australia for further 14 days. Is pension still paid? Q: Will your H&C Insurance still cover you? @smh #theprojecttv #askingforafriend
Tom London Tom London
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Albert Einstein warned in 1949 that the time would come when the very rich so controlled the means of communication that it would be almost impossible for ordinary people to make informed decisions and so democracy would then be broken. We live in the time Einstein warned about.
Stuart Tomlinson Stuart Tomlinson
by 💦Laird Mick W Beattie

Judge tells government to give documents to Biloela family's lawyer after ‘overenthusiastic’ redactions

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