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Faith,family & three football codes! Free African football writer etc.Featured in medias across 11 countries.Keen cook & runner.27:40.LotfiWada@outlook.fr.
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Andy Goode Andy Goode
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Hearing that Ed Griffiths the @Saracens CEO has been acting as an agent without an RFU license and also is representing some of the current Saracens players! Pretty sure this is against the @premrugby regulations and will be investigated as it means he shouldn’t be a club CEO....
RT @RobertMalit: @LotfiWada 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Kenya played here in AFCON
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Paul Williams Paul Williams
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Modernity deprives us of the most basic right of all: the right to be traditional.
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RT @eoinpm: @threeredkings May i suggest "humble contrition"? "Delusional conspiracy theories"
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Atouba 300 Atouba 300
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C.Beekhuis C.Beekhuis
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Zo dat hebben ze ook 90 minuten volgehouden! #azwil Morgen is het weer 6 punten! #ajaspa
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Thomas Rijsman Thomas Rijsman
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Hup @WillemII stoere kerels. Wat een seizoen 🔥🔥🔥 #azwil
ςαηηε ❦ ςαηηε ❦
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Nog ff, en Willem II is de grootste concurrent. 😅😅 #azwil
RT @threeredkings: Jonesy has chosen… delusional conspiracy theories.
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Vivace ce Porte du Paradis réservée aux jeûneurs Oriental. #FCNOL
Burkinabè ? Burkinabois ? Burkinabaise ? Burkinabien ? Burkinabistanais ? #BurkinaFaso
Dani Deudermont Glez Dani Deudermont Glez
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¿Qué relación hay entre un pequeño país africano y uno de los principales países del Golfo Arábigo? Una historia de intereses y pasaportes con un pueblo nómada en el centro de la historia. #FutAsia
Lottie Jewpree 2: the reckoning Lottie Jewpree 2: the reckoning
by ЛотфиБек Вадаев

The audacity people have to tell me Planned Parenthood cares for women is astounding. Yeah, they cared for me so much that they made sure my rapist could continue abusing me for years.
Macedonian Football Macedonian Football
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Stenio Junior to Riga FC was confirmed by Shkendija earlier today. Moments ago, SJ bid farewell to Shkendija with a statement on his Instagram. A brutal winter transfer market for Shkendija. They are losing good players and signing underwhelming replacements (have gotten worse)
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Published By : @ЛотфиБек Вадаев
Three Red Kings Three Red Kings
Haters gonna hate, players gonna play… in the Championship.
Three Red Kings Three Red Kings
by ЛотфиБек Вадаев

Haters gonna hate, players gonna play… in the Championship.
Porte du Paradis par laquelle entre les jeûneurs Oriental est né en 2003..Voilà quelque chose qui ne nous rajeunit pas messieurs dames! #FCNOL
After today's games,we sit 3rd in group winners table...Which means that as it stands,we'll host our QF..Nothing done though as Racing & Toulouse can kick us out..Wherever we play in QF it'll be tough especially after our shaky GS campaign. #ChampionsCup
A waffle and an ayran to end another formidable day.
It's now official.May the sale season start.
Rugby on BT Sport Rugby on BT Sport
Premiership Rugby have announced Saracens will be relegated at the end of the 19/20 season.
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sports-auvergne.fr sports-auvergne.fr
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Champions Cup : Après les six matchs de samedi, l'ASM est en position de recevoir en quart de finale. Mais attention le Racing et Toulouse peuvent passer devant...
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Rugby on BT Sport Rugby on BT Sport
by ЛотфиБек Вадаев

Premiership Rugby have announced Saracens will be relegated at the end of the 19/20 season.
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Marta Marañón Marta Marañón
by ЛотфиБек Вадаев

🏆 Hoy comienza el Preolímpico Sudamericano de Colombia y en @diarioas he analizado los diez nombres a seguir en el torneo. Reinier, Adolfo Gaich, Fernando Pacheco, Leonardo Campana... Mucho talento en busca de dos plazas para los JJOO de Tokio.
Michael Swadling Michael Swadling
by ЛотфиБек Вадаев

“Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes speech was one sign. This is another. The tide is turning: people are sick to death of woke”
RT @Abdou__93: @LotfiWada
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After a -longer-than-the-Great Wall of China- wait,the pitch of ES Metlaoui stadium has been finally changed.Better than nothing..
Published By : @ЛотфиБек Вадаев Published By : @ЛотфиБек Вадаев Published By : @ЛотфиБек Вадаев
PragerU PragerU
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Economists agree: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does NOT understand either socialism or capitalism. 😉
Studio Taraji Studio Taraji
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عبدالرحمن مزيان و عبد الرؤوف بن غيث 💪🇧🇪❤️💛
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RT @AndiOnrubia: París F.C 2-1 Saint-Étienne, gol de Jonathan Pitroipa tras una gran jugada de Nomenjanahary. La defensa del Saint-Étienne…
RT @EsperanceSTunis: Le néo-espérantiste Ben Hammouda débute un programme spécifique au Parc B.
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Steve Vickers Steve Vickers
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Warriors striker Knowledge Musona has scored after just 10 minutes on his debut for Belgian side KAS Eupen! 1-1 at half-time against Charleroi.
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Ulster Rugby Ulster Rugby
by ЛотфиБек Вадаев

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Oh oh oh hooooooooooooo oh ho ho! #EXEvLAR
Murimurimurimurimurimurivalu! #EXEvLAR
Live Action Live Action
by ЛотфиБек Вадаев

"I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan." -Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a racist organization. RT to spread these facts!
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Nowell has a sponsored headgear (A red bull on it.A famous energy drink)...That's the first time I see this héhé...The equivalent of Nike/Adidas boots maybe! #EXEvLAR
Uini Atonio,Charlie Faumuina's doppelganger. #EXEvLAR
We're through quarters,but my Lord this GS campaign has been so so...Flamboyant offensively when the machine works but too many lapses of concentration &an absolute physical crumbling today..Whoever we face in QF,it'll be tough!! #ChampionsCup #HARvASM #HARASM
FT : Quins 19-26 ASM...We win but how painful it was...The 1st half looked promising...But we were completely asphyxiated in the 2nd half (starting after Quins try we gave)...Very nice effort from the locals. #HARvASM #HARASM
Beheregaray mullet/moustache combo is class..Proud to have such in our team. #HARvASM #HARASM
The kid looks dizzy,take him off for God's sake and for his health! #HARvASM #HARASM
CRUCIAL STEAL FROM PETE ! Oh Good Lord we're on the ropes..Absolutely on the ropes...Phew phew phew. #HARvASM #HARASM
Oh yes DAMIAN..Sent Morris out...This ball possession will be a real breath of fresh air. #HARvASM #HARASM
What a spell from the Quins...We survive thankfully but we're asphyxiated.Asphyxiated.We're not playing in altitude though! #HARvASM #HARASM
We're abysmal since 15 mins..We've won nothing,zilch,...Asphyxiated. #HARvASM #HARASM
Emily Zinos Emily Zinos
by ЛотфиБек Вадаев

For the Catholic, chemically sterilizing and surgically destroying your child's genitals because you believe he may one day be gay is a grave sin. For the Genderist, it's grounds for canonization.
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Clàsico of Guinean football this.
📸🏋️⚽️ Les Matamkas continuent de préparer le choc contre le HAFIA FC ce Dimanche, match en retard de la 7e journée de Ligue 1❗️ #TeamHAC 🔴⚪️
Published By : @ЛотфиБек Вадаев Published By : @ЛотфиБек Вадаев Published By : @ЛотфиБек Вадаев Published By : @ЛотфиБек Вадаев
We put ourselves in a less confy situation with the silly kick which gifted Quins a try...Grrr I'm boiling! #HARvASM #HARASM
If he wasn't Brazilian,Vinicius would've never signed at Madrid & would be playing in Stade Malien or Vital'o Bujumbura...He's 19 but his football IQ is lower than temperatures during Russian winter. #Frustrating #RealMadridSevillaFC

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