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Pančevo Panthers

The Pančevo Panthers are an American football club from Pančevo, Serbia, founded in 2003.


Pančevo is a city and the administrative center of the South Banat District in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Pančevo is the fourth largest city in Vojvodina by population.

Pančevo Airport
Pančevo Airport

Pančevo Airport (ICAO: LYPA) is an airport near the city of Pančevo, Serbia near Belgrade. The airport is mostly used for general aviation operations.

Pančevo Bridge

Pančevo Bridge or colloquially Pančevac (Serbian Cyrillic: Панчевац) is a bridge over the Danube in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It was named after the northern city of Pančevo (in Vojvodina) which is connected to Belgrade by the road continuing from the bridge.

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