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Weatherhead School of Management

The Weatherhead School of Management is a private business school of Case Western Reserve University located in Cleveland, Ohio. Weatherhead offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, executive education programs and certificate programs.


A weatherhead, also called a weathercap, service head, service entrance cap, or gooseneck is a weatherproof service drop entry point where overhead power or telephone wires enter a building, or where wires transition between overhead and underground cables. At a building the wires enter a conduit, a protective metal pipe, and the weatherhead is a waterproof cap on the end of the conduit that allows the wires to enter without letting in water.

David Weatherhead

David Bennington Weatherhead was a Canadian lawyer, barrister and politician. Weatherhead was a Liberal party member of the House of Commons of Canada.

Weatherhead East Asian Institute

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University is a community of scholars affiliated with Columbia's schools, bringing together over 50 full-time faculty, a diverse group of visiting scholars and professionals, and students from the United States and abroad. Its mission is to train new generations of experts on East Asian topics in the humanities, social sciences, and the professions and to enhance understanding of East Asia in the wider community.

Weatherhead High School

Weatherhead High School is a single sex girls' academy school with mixed Sixth Form, located in Merseyside, England in the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral. In 2003, the school relocated from three separate sites around the Wallasey area to a new purpose-built state of the art site on Breck Road.

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs is a research center for international affairs and the largest international research center within Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It is headed by Michèle Lamont.

James Weatherhead

James Leslie Weatherhead was a minister of the Church of Scotland and the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland for 1993–1994.

John Weatherhead

John Weatherhead was an officer of the Royal Navy. He served during the long campaign in the Mediterranean as part of a division under the command of Samuel Hood.

Christopher Weatherhead

Christopher Weatherhead, also known by his alias "Nerdo", is a Northampton University student who was jailed for his involvement in several cyberattacks by Anonymous.

Weatherhead (surname)

Weatherhead is a surname.

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