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Phạm Đức Huy
Phạm Đức Huy

Phạm Đức Huy is a Vietnamese footballer who plays as a Winger for V-League (Vietnam) club Hà Nội F.CNicknamed as “Prince of Arabia” due to his similar outlook like an Arab Prince, he is one of the most popular players of Vietnam in recent 2010s generation.

Phạm Duy
Phạm Duy

Phạm Duy was Vietnam's most prolific songwriter. With a musical career that spanned more than seven decades through some of the most turbulent periods of Vietnamese history and with more than one thousand songs to his credit, he is widely considered one of the three most salient and influential figures of modern Vietnamese music, along with Văn Cao and Trịnh Công Sơn.

Pham Duc Trung Kien
Pham Duc Trung Kien

Kien Pham is a private equity investor and philanthropist living and traveling between the U.S. and Vietnam. As an investor, he collaborates with TPG Capital , a leading U.S. firm with nearly US$100 billion under management and also with Red Square Vietnam, a boutique investment and advisory firm based in Ho Chi Minh city.

Phạm Dật

Fan Tat also known as Phạm Dat or Fan Yi was the King of Champa, then known as Lin-yi, from 284 to 336. In 284, the King sent the first Cham envoy to the Chinese Emperor's Court.

Phạm Dương Mại I

Fan Yang Mai I or Pham Duong Mai I was briefly the king of Champa, an area populated by the Cham ethnic group in present-day Vietnam. He overthrew the previous dynasty and seized the throne in 420, following years of internal trouble.

Phạm Dương Mại II

Fan Yang Mai II or Pham Duong Mai II was the King of Champa, an area populated by the Cham ethnic group in present-day Vietnam, from 421 to about 446. In 431, the King was denied the aid of the King of Funan during a war with the Chinese governor of Chiao Chou.

Phạm Đức Lĩnh

Phạm Đức Lĩnh is a senior officer in the Vietnam People's Army. He is a lieutenant general, general director of the Vietnam Marine Police from 2006 to 2012 and also a congressman in the National Assembly of Vietnam.

Phạm Duy Tốn

Phạm Duy Tốn was a Vietnamese writer. He was father of the songwriter Phạm Duy and French language writer and ambassador Phạm Duy Khiêm.Tốn graduated from the French School of Interpreters, and became part of the modernist movement of writers including also Confucian trained scholars.

Phạm Duy Khiêm

Phạm Duy Khiêm was a Vietnamese writer, academic and South Vietnam ambassador in France. He was the son of the writer Phạm Duy Tốn, and brother of songwriter Phạm Duy.

Phạm Đoan Trang

Pham Doan Trang is a Vietnamese author, blogger, journalist, and democracy activist. She received the 2017 Homo Homini Award from People In Need, who called her "one of the leading figures of the contemporary Vietnamese dissent".

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