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Mykolaiv Airport
Mykolaiv Airport

Mykolaiv International Airport, also known as Nikolaev Airport (IATA: NLV, ICAO: UKON) is an airport in Mykolaiv (Nikolaev in Russian), in the Mykolaiv Oblast of Ukraine. It is one of the largest and most technically equipped airports in the South of Ukraine.

Mykolayiv Shipyard
Mykolayiv Shipyard

Mykolayiv Shipyard is a major shipyard owned by state and located in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. In modern times, the shipyard has been most commonly referred to as Mykolayiv North Shipyard.


Nikolayev/Nikolaev or Nikolayeva (feminine) may refer to:

Maria Nikolaeva

Maria Vladimirovna Nikolaeva , also well known as Atma Ananda, Shanti Nathini, Dolma Jangkhu, Made Sri Nadi (born 8 July 1971, Saint Petersburg) is a prolific modern writer, philosophy master, and spiritual teacher. She is the author of 37 books printed in total run of 115 000 copies in Russian, translated into 6 foreign languages (English, Chinese, Indonesian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian), and available worldwide via

Aleksey Nikolaev

Alexey Nikolaev or Aleksey Nikolaev may refer to:

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