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Lavrentyev or Lavrentiev and Lavrentyeva (Russian: Лаврентьева; feminine) is a common Russian surname.People with this surname include: Arseniy Lavrentyev (born 1983), Russian-born Portuguese swimmer Mikhail Lavrentyev (1900–1980), a Soviet mathematician Oleg Lavrentiev (1926–2011), a Soviet-Ukrainian physicist, the author of idea of a thermonuclear bomb Sergei Lavrentyev (b. 1972), a Russian footballer and coach Yekaterina Lavrentyeva (b.

Oleg Lavrentiev

Oleg Alexandrovich Lavrentiev July 7, 1926 Pskov, Russia – (2011-02-10)February 10, 2011 in Kharkiv, Ukraine) was a Russian physicist who made contributions to thermonuclear fusion research.

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