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Ibrahim Jaaber
Ibrahim Jaaber

Ibrahim Jaaber is an American-born naturalized Bulgarian former professional basketball player. At 1.88 m (6'2") in height, he played at both the point guard and shooting guard positions.

Ibrahim Jeilan
Ibrahim Jeilan

Ibrahim Jeilan Gashu is an Ethiopian long-distance runner who specialises in the 5000 metres and 10,000 metres on the track, as well as cross country running. He is a former world champion in 10,000 metres.

Ibrahim Juma

Ibrahim Sadam Juma is a Ugandan footballer who plays for KCCA FC as a midfielder. Known for his creativity, range of passing and finishing, he is also a free kick specialist.

Ibrahim of Johor
Ibrahim of Johor

Sultan Sir Ibrahim Al Masyhur Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar Al-Khalil Ibrahim Shah was a Malaysian sultan and the 22nd Sultan of Johor and the 2nd Sultan of modern Johor. He was considered to be "fabulously wealthy." An Anglophile, Sultan Ibrahim continued the policy of friendly relations with the crown of the United Kingdom, often manipulating his friendship with the reigning kings of Britain to thwart the expansionist ambitions of the British Colonial Office.

Ibrahim Sulayman Muhammad al-Rubaysh

Ibrahim Sulayman Muhammad al-Rubaish was a terrorist and a senior leader of Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), who was held in extrajudicial detention in the United States's Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba. He was released into the custody of Saudi Arabian authorities and then escaped in 2006.

Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh is a Sierra Leonean journalist and news anchor. He is the senior journalist for the Freetown based Concord Times newspaper.

Ibrahim Jassam

Ibrahim Jassam Mohammed is an Iraqi photojournalist who was arrested in Iraq in September 2008 because he was considered "a threat to the security of Iraq and coalition forces" by U.S. and Iraqi forces. He was working for multiple agencies including Reuters at the time of his arrest.

Ibrahim Jadhran

Ibrahim Jadran , is a self imposed Libyan militia leader from Ajdabiya in eastern Libya. Born 1981 in Ajdabiya as the son of Sayyid Jidran, Ibrahim was arrested in February 2005 for organizing an armed group to oust Muammar al-Qaddafi.

Ibrahim Jalees

Ibrahim Jalees born Ibrahim Hussain (Urdu: ابراہیم حسین ‎) on (22 August 1924 – 26 October 1977) was a Pakistani journalist, writer, and humorist. He has authored several books of the short stories such as Chalees Karor Bhikari and Tikona Des and the novel Chor Bazar.

Ibrahim Jihad

Ibrahim Jihad is a Maldivian actor.

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