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Opss! Bai Y. / Li Z. has no scheduled matches on the eDayFm!

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Baiyi Zhuan

The Baiyi Zhuan is a description of the Dai polity of Mong Mao in 1396 written by two envoys, Qian Guxun and Li Sicong, sent by the Ming court in China to resolve conflicts between the Ava Kingdom in Burma and Mong Mao, also known as Luchuan-Pingmian. The description includes the history, geography, political and social organization, customs, music, food, and products of the region (Sun Laichen, 1997).

Bai Hong

Bai Hong was a Chinese actress and singer born Bai Lizhu (白丽珠) in Beijing. By the 1940s, she became one of the Seven Great Singing Stars.

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