Opss! Asrawy A. has no away matches on the eDayFm!
Opss! Asrawy A. has no scheduled matches on the eDayFm!

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Yogachara is an influential tradition of Buddhist philosophy and psychology emphasizing the study of cognition, perception, and consciousness through the interior lens of meditative and yogic practices. It is also variously termed Vijñānavāda (विज्ञानवाद, the doctrine of consciousness), Vijñaptivāda (the doctrine of ideas or percepts) or Vijñaptimātratā-vāda (the doctrine of 'mere vijñapti), which is also the name given to its major epistemic theory.

Valery Asratyan

Valery Georgievich Asratyan was a Soviet serial killer, convicted for the killing of two women in Moscow between 1988 and 1990.

Asrabad-e Tazeh
Asrabad-e Tazeh

Asrabad-e Tazeh is a village in Sarkal Rural District, in the Central District of Marivan County, Kurdistan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 460, in 98 families.


Āśraya variously means – base, source, assistance, shelter, protection, refuge, dependence, having recourse to or depending on. In terms of Hindu philosophy, the living entity or Jiva is āśraya, and Brahman or the Supreme Being, the Godhead, is viśaya, the supreme objective, the goal of life Bhagavata Purana (VII.x.6).

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