Opss! Alemany P. has no away matches on the eDayFm!
Opss! Alemany P. has no scheduled matches on the eDayFm!

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Bernal Heights, San Francisco
Bernal Heights, San Francisco

Bernal Heights is a residential neighborhood in southeastern San Francisco, California. The prominent Bernal Heights hill overlooks the San Francisco skyline and features a microwave transmission tower.

Alemany Maze

Alemany Maze is the name given to the interchange between the James Lick Freeway and the John F. Foran Freeway (Interstate 280, I-280) in the city of San Francisco. An alternative name for this highway feature is the Alemany Interchange.


Alemany is a surname.

Bishop Alemany High School
Bishop Alemany High School

Bishop Alemany High School is a Roman Catholic secondary school located in the San Fernando Valley community of Mission Hills in Los Angeles, California. It is within the San Fernando Pastoral Region of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Alemany Boulevard

Alemany Boulevard is a northeast–southwest street in San Francisco, California, United States. The boulevard was named for Archbishop Joseph Sadoc Alemany.

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