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EHC Lustenau

Eishockey Club Lustenau, commonly referred to as EHC Lustenau or simply Lustenau, is an ice hockey team in Lustenau, Austria. They play in the Inter-National League, the second level of ice hockey in Austria and Slovenia.


Lustenau is a town in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg in the district of Dornbirn. It lies on the river Rhine, which forms the border with Switzerland.


Lustnau is a subdivision in the northeastern part of Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was an independent municipality until 1934, when it became a part of Tübingen.


Lastenausgleich was the post World War II program and laws to recompense Germans and ethnic Germans who fled their homelands for their lost properties. This was a very complicated law that transferred enormous wealth to the immigrants over a period of decades.

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