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Zob Ahan Esfahan F.C.

Zob Ahan Esfahan Football Club is an Iranian football club based in Fuladshahr, Iran. It competes in the Persian Gulf Pro League.

Zob Ahan Isfahan BC

Zob Ahan Basketball Club is an Iranian professional basketball club based in Isfahan, Iran. They compete in the Iranian Basketball Super League.

2009–10 Zob Ahan F.C. season

This is a list of Zob Ahan F.C.'s results at the 2009–10 Persian Gulf Cup, 2009–10 Hazfi Cup and 2010 ACL. The club is competing in the Iran Pro League, Hazfi Cup and Asian Champions League.

Zob Ahan Cultural and Sport Club

Zob Ahan Cultural and Sport Club is an Iranian multisport club based in Isfahan, Iran. The club was founded in 1969.

Zob Ahan Ardabil F.C.

Zob Ahan Ardabil Football Club is an Iranian football club based in Ardabil, Iran. They competed in the Ardabil Provincial League.

Zob Ahan Novin Isfahan F.C.

Zob Ahan Novin Isfahan Football Club is an Iranian football club based in Isfahan, Iran. They are the reserve team of Zob Ahan, and currently compete in the 2011–12 Iran Football's 2nd Division.

Zob Ahan

Zob Ahan , may refer to:

Anseba Region
Anseba Region

Anseba Region is one of the six administrative regions, located in northern Eritrea. The capital and the most populous city in the region is Keren.

Esfahan Steel Company

Esfahan Steel Company , formerly known as Esfahan Aryamehr Steel Company (Persian: شرکت ذوب آهن آریامهر) prior to 1979 Revolution, opened in late 1960s, based close to the cities of Fooladshahr and Zarrinshahr, Esfahan Province. It is Iran’s third largest steel producer and is directly controlled by the Ministry of Industries & Mines.The company owns the Zob Ahan football club.

Zobahan Freeway

Zobahan Freeway is a freeway in Greater Isfahan Region, Isfahan Province, Central Iran, connecting Isfahan to its southwestern suburbs and Esfahan Steel Company (known as Zobahan in Persian) where the freeway gets its name from.

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