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Weinberg angle
Weinberg angle

The Weinberg angle or weak mixing angle is a parameter in the Weinberg–Salam theory of the electroweak interaction, part of the Standard Model of particle physics, and is usually denoted as θW. It is the angle by which spontaneous symmetry breaking rotates the original W0 and B0 vector boson plane, producing as a result the Z0 boson, and the photon. = ( cos ⁡ θ W sin ⁡ θ W − sin ⁡ θ W cos ⁡ θ W ) ( B 0 W 0 ) {\displaystyle {\begin{pmatrix}\gamma \\Z^{0}\end{pmatrix}}={\begin{pmatrix}\cos \theta _{\text{W}}&\sin \theta _{\text{W}}\\-\sin \theta _{\text{W}}&\cos \theta _{\text{W}}\end{pmatrix}}{\begin{pmatrix}B^{0}\\W^{0}\end{pmatrix}}} It also gives the relationship between the masses of the W and Z bosons (denoted as mW and mZ), m Z = m W cos ⁡ θ W .

Weinberg–Witten theorem

In theoretical physics, the Weinberg–Witten theorem, proved by Steven Weinberg and Edward Witten, states that massless particles (either composite or elementary) with spin j > 1/2 cannot carry a Lorentz-covariant current, while massless particles with spin j > 1 cannot carry a Lorentz-covariant stress-energy. The theorem is usually interpreted to mean that the graviton (j = 2) cannot be a composite particle in a relativistic quantum field theory.

Weinberg Center
Weinberg Center

The Weinberg Center is a theater building located in Frederick, Maryland. It holds various showings of music, theatre, films and visual art.

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

The Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences is the largest of the twelve schools comprising Northwestern University, located in Evanston, Illinois and downtown Chicago, Illinois. It was established in 1851 and today comprises 25 departments and many specialty programs.

Weinberg (Winterthur)
Weinberg (Winterthur)

Weinberg is a quarter in the district 6 of Winterthur, Switzerland. It was part of Wülflingen municipality that was amalgamated into Winterthur in 1922.

Weinberg Group

The Weinberg Group is a Washington, DC-based food and drug regulatory consulting group.

Weinberg v Olivier

Weinberg v Olivier is an important case in South African contract law, especially in the area of exemption clauses. It was heard in the Appellate Division on 20 October 1942, with judgment handed down on 26 November.

Weinberg S.E.5a Replica

The Weinberg S.E.5a Replica is an American homebuilt biplane that was designed by William Weinberg of Kansas City, Missouri. The aircraft was supplied in the form of plans for amateur construction, but the plans seem to no longer be available.The Weinberg S.E.5a Replica is an 80% replica of the First World War Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a fighter aircraft.

Weinberg Tunnel
Weinberg Tunnel

The Weinberg Tunnel is a railway tunnel in the Swiss city of Zürich. The tunnel runs from the western approaches to Zürich Hauptbahnhof railway station, east under the station and city centre before turning north and surfacing on the southern approach to Zürich Oerlikon railway station, and allows trains running between east and west to pass through Zürich without reversal.

Weinberg Screen Affective Scale (WSAS)

The Weinberg Screen Affective Scale is a free scale designed to screen for symptoms of depression in children and young adults ages 5–21. It can be used as an initial treatment scale and can be used to follow up on treatment efficacy.

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