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Bienio progresista

In the history of Spain, the bienio progresista was the two-year period from July 1854 to July 1856, during which the Progressive Party attempted to reform the political system of the reign of Isabella II, which had been dominated by the Moderate Party since 1843 in the so-called d茅cada moderada. The Progressives were exaltados or veintea帽istas, advocates of radical liberalism, in contrast to the conservative liberalism of the docea帽istas or Moderates.


Vic谩lvaro is a district in the southeast of Madrid, Spain. It is named after the former municipality absorbed into the municipality of Madrid in 1951.

Vicálvaro (Madrid Metro)
Vic谩lvaro (Madrid Metro)

Vic谩lvaro is a station on Line 9 of the Madrid Metro.

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