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Uničov vs Vrchovina. We predict: HOME 2 - 1

starting soon frog's top bets include the following 4-star predictions:

🇯🇵Kusatsu v Sagamihara
🇨🇿Znojmo v Uhersky Brod
🇨🇿Dukla Prague Women v Lokomotiva Brno Women
🇨🇿Zlin B v Unicov
🇮🇹Inter U19 v AS Roma U19
🇹🇷Mamak v Hopaspor

starting soon frog's top bets include the following 4-star predictions: 🇯🇵Kusatsu v Sagamihara 🇨🇿Znojmo v Uhersky Brod 🇨🇿Dukla Prague Women v Lokomotiva Brno Women 🇨🇿Zlin B v Unicov 🇮🇹Inter U19 v AS Roma U19 🇹🇷Mamak v Hopaspor

£25/£1000 Bet 1 SK Unicov v FO Blansko Over 0.5 FH Goals £25 > £35 #Inplay

SK Unicov vs FK Blansko, o0.5 FHG

Uničov vs Blansko. We predict: AWAY 1 - 2

Frasamma1 added a bet 'Unicov - FK Apos Blansko' with odds and prediction 1.02 for Over, stake - 1/10

Uničov už musí zabrat, v neděli vyzve Blansko 
#SKUnicov #MSFL

Uničov už musí zabrat, v neděli vyzve Blansko #SKUnicov #MSFL

Uničov vs Hlučín. We predict: DRAW 1 - 1

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Uničov is a town in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic. It is located in the historic Moravia region between the Plain of Hanakia and the Eastern Sudetes, about 22 km (14 mi) northwest of Olomouc.

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