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GOAL! Tyumen in Russia Pfl Tyumen 2-0 Zenit Izhevsk

GOAL! Tyumen in Russia Pfl Tyumen 1-0 Zenit Izhevsk GOAL! Tyumen in Russia Pfl Tyumen 2-0 Zenit Izhevsk

GOAL! Tyumen in Russia Pfl Tyumen 1-0 Zenit Izhevsk

Yossarian added a bet 'MFK Tyumen - Zenit Izhevsk' with odds and prediction 34.00 for Zenit Izhevsk, stake - 2/10

frog's top selected prediction in the next hour:

🇷🇺Tyumen v Zenit-Izhevsk

frog's top selected prediction in the next hour: 🇷🇺Tyumen v Zenit-Izhevsk

Tyumen vs Zenit Izhevsk. We predict: HOME 2 - 1

Rolling - 1 Tyumen - FC Zvezda Perm İY - 0.5 ÜST 1.50 Linkim'den dünya markası Betzmark'a kayıt olabilir, benim özel üyem olabilirsiniz. VİP grubuma katılmaya hak kazanıp, kaliteli tercihlerin tadını çıkarabilirsiniz. Vip Link ;

💥 💎💎💎💎 💥 🏆️ Russia Division 2 ⌚️ 13 ' 📊0 - 0 ⚽️ FK Tyumen - FC Zvezda Perm ♦️ Over1.5 TotalGoals

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Tyumen ) is the largest city and the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast, Russia, located on the Tura River 2,500 kilometers (1,600 mi) east of Moscow. Tyumen was the first Russian settlement in Siberia.

Tyumen Oblast
Tyumen Oblast

Tyumen Oblast is a federal subject (an oblast) of Russia. It is geographically located in the Western Siberia region of Siberia, and is administratively part of the Urals Federal District.


Tyumensky , Tyumenskaya (feminine), or Tyumenskoye (neuter) may refer to:

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University is a higher educational institution of Tyumen, one of the largest scientific and educational complexes of Russia including all education levels from the general secondary, secondary professional and higher education (specialist program, bachelor's degree, Master's degree program) to postgraduate study and doctoral studies, the program of professional development and retraining of personnel, the program of elite technical education.

Tyumentsevsky District
Tyumentsevsky District

Tyumentsevsky District is an administrative and municipal district (raion), one of the fifty-nine in Altai Krai, Russia. It is located in the north of the krai.

Tyumensky District
Tyumensky District

Tyumensky District is an administrative district (raion), one of the twenty-two in Tyumen Oblast, Russia. Within the framework of municipal divisions, it is incorporated as Tyumensky Municipal District.

Tyumenskaya oblast’ segodnya

Tyumenskaya oblast’ segodnya is a daily Russian socio-political tabloid. The area of distribution covers the territory of Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.


LLC TyumenNIIgiprogas is a Tyumen based parent company of OAO "Gazprom" for designing, developing, equipping and operation of gas and gas condensate-oil fields in Western Siberia. Research results and design solutions of TNGG engineers are being put to practice in operations in West and East Siberias, while oilfield service products of Experimental Plant are marketed all over the country.


Tyumentsevo is a rural locality (a selo) and the administrative center of Tyumentsevsky District, Altai Krai, Russia. The population was 5,255 in 2016.


Utair (MCX: UTAR) is a Russian airline with its head office at Khanty-Mansiysk Airport while its hubs are at Surgut International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport. It operates scheduled domestic and some international passenger services, scheduled helicopter services, and extensive charter flights with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in support of the oil and gas industry across western Siberia.

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