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Trikala F.C.

Trikala Football Club , also known as AO Trikala (Greek: ΑΟ Τρίκαλα), is a Greek professional football club based in the city of Trikala, in central Greece. The club currently competes in the Football League, the third tier of the Greek football league system.

Trikala Aries B.C.

Aeolus Trikala B.C. , known for sponsorship reasons as Trikala Aries, is a Greek former professional basketball club that was based in Trikala, Greece.


Trikala is a city in northwestern Thessaly, Greece, and the capital of the Trikala regional unit. The city straddles the Lithaios river, which is a tributary of Pineios.

Trikala B.C.

Trikala B.C. may refer to:

Trikala, Corinthia

Trikala is a village in Corinthia, in the Peloponnese peninsula of southern Greece. It comprises three settlements, Upper, Middle, and Lower Trikala, on the slopes of Mount Kyllini.

Trikala Castle
Trikala Castle

The Trikala Castle is the Byzantine-era citadel of the city of Trikala in western Thessaly, Greece.

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