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Strecno vs. Svosov SOCCER SLOVAKIA Slovak Cup Live 2020 Watch Live: Strecno vs Svosov Strecno - Svosov today at 11:30 AM

Fun of amateur football: Today in Slovak Slovnaft cup, Strečno–Švošov In other words Patrik, Marek, Jakub and Rastislav Beháň against Tadeáš and Samuel Lacko, Jakub and Samuel Roštek, and Lukáš and Tomáš Drdák #FamilyMatter

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Švošov is a village and municipality in Ružomberok District in the Žilina Region of northern Slovakia.

Czarna Kopa
Czarna Kopa

Czarna Kopa is a mountain peak situated in the eastern part of Karkonosze on Polish and Czech border within the Karkonosze National Park on the Polish–Czech Friendship Trail. The peak area is exposed and windy.

Savo Sovre

Savo Sovre was a Slovene painter also known for his illustrations of children's books.He won the Levstik Award in 1964 for his illustrations for a Primary School German Exercise Book, but also illustrated many picture books and children's magazines.He founded the Sovre Art School in Ljubljana.

I'm Alone, No You're Not

I'm Alone, No You're Not is the second studio album by American folk band Joseph. It was released by ATO Records on August 26, 2016, marking the trio's first full-length album release with the company.

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