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The name Sibir can refer to:


For the brachiopod genus, see Sibiria .Sibiria is a Swedish indie pop band from Östersund, signed by the record label Hybris. It was founded in 2003 by the guitarist Martin Abrahamsson (also in the band Vapnet), the singer Martin Hanberg (Vapnet) and the guitarist Erik Laquist.


Sibirjak was a passenger train which linked Berlin to some of main routes and cities of Russia.

Sibir Energy

Sibir Energy is a London-based Russian public limited company, whose primary line of business is petroleum and natural gas exploration in Siberia. Its shares were traded on the Alternative Investment Market, part of the London Stock Exchange.

Sibirsky, Altai Krai
Sibirsky, Altai Krai

Sibirsky is a closed rural locality (a settlement) in Altai Krai, Russia, located 44 kilometers (27 mi) from Barnaul, the administrative center of the krai. As of the 2010 Census, its population was 11,306.The basis for the status of ZATO is the location of the 35th Red Banner Order of Kutuzov and Alexander Nevsky of the Strategic Missile Forces Division.

Sibirenauta sibirica

Sibirenauta sibirica is a species of small air-breathing freshwater snail, an aquatic pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Physidae, a family which are sometimes known as the bladder snails.


Sibirocyba is a monotypic genus of Asian sheet weavers containing the single species, Sibirocyba incerta. It was first described by K. Y. Eskov & Y. M. Marusik in 1994, and has only been found in Russia and Siberia.


Sibirotitan is a genus of somphospondyl sauropod from the Ilek Formation of Russia. The type and only species is S. astrosacralis.

Sibir (2017 icebreaker)
Sibir (2017 icebreaker)

Sibir is a Russian Project 22220 nuclear-powered icebreaker currently under construction at Baltic Shipyard in Saint Petersburg. She was launched in 2017 and is scheduled to enter service in 2021.


Siberiade is a 1979 epic Soviet film in four parts, spanning much of the 20th century.

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