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Rubio Ñu 2-1 12 de Octubre | Fecha 20 | División Intermedia 2023
Rubio Ñu 2-1 12 de Octubre | Fecha 20 | División Intermedia 2023

Al cabo de la vigésima fecha de la Intermedia, Rubio Ñu se hace fuerte en La Arboleda y se impone por 2-1 a 12 de Octubre de ...

Ya presente en Santísima Trinidad en la Arboleda para el compromiso por la fecha 9 de la categoria intermedia Estadio : La Arboleda Arbitro : Sergio Melgarejo Líneas : Cristobal Alderete y Blas Rojas 4 Arbitro : Edgar Barrios RUBIO ÑU VS DEPORTIVO RECOLETA #CRAC-2023

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Club Rubio Ñu

Club Rubio Ñu is a Paraguayan football club based in the Barrio Santísima Trinidad of Asunción. The club was founded August 24, 1913 and plays in the División Intermedia, the second division of the Paraguayan football league.

Rubio Rubin
Rubio Rubin

Rubio Yovani Mendez Rubin is an American professional soccer player who currently plays for Dorados de Sinaloa on loan from Tijuana of the Liga MX.

Rubicon (US band)

Rubicon was a California one-hit wonder funk rock band, whose "I'm Gonna Take Care of Everything" spent 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978, peaking at number 28.Rubicon was formed in San Francisco by Jerry Martini, who was an original member of Sly & the Family Stone. Other members of the group included Greg Eckler , Brad Gillis (guitar), Max Haskett (lead vocals, horns), Dennis Marcellino (sax, vocals), Jim Pugh (keyboards), Jack Blades (bass) and Johnny Colla (guitar).

Stygobromus lucifugus

Stygobromus lucifugus is an extinct species of amphipod crustacean in the family Crangonyctidae. It was first described by Oliver Perry Hay who found it living in a well near Abingdon, Knox County, Illinois, United States, and it was endemic to that state.

Roman Zambrowski
Roman Zambrowski

Roman Zambrowski, born Rubin Nassbaum , was a Polish communist politician.

The Rubio Quartet

The Rubio Quartet are a Flemish string quartet. They formed in Belgium in 1991 and are named after the late English instrument maker David Rubio.

Rubinus Hermán

Rubinus from the kindred Hermán was a Hungarian soldier and nobleman, who served as Judge royal in 1283, during the reign of Ladislaus IV of Hungary.

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