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Raca vs Rovinka at 09:30 : Most Goals in Second Half rating: 1.5 Star

Raca vs Rovinka at 09:30 : Second Half Asian Goal Line rating: 4 Stars

Raca vs Rovinka at 09:30 : Over 1.5 Match Goals after HT rating: 4 Stars

GOAL! Rohožník in Slovakia Slovakia Cup Rohožník 1-0 Malacky GOAL! Pohronie in Slovakia Slovakia Cup Rača 0-1 Pohronie GOAL! Slavoj Trebišov in Slovakia Slovakia Cup Spisske Podhradie 0-1 Slavoj Trebišov

Raca - Pohronie | Slovak Cup 🔴 LIVESTREAM
Raca - Pohronie | Slovak Cup 🔴 LIVESTREAM

LIVE STREAM ▷▷ http://hotsports.space/football.php?match=Slovak%20Cup&live=Raca%20-%20Pohronie ® Raca - Pohronie Slovak Cup ...

Vasek5858 added a bet 'FK Raca Bratislava - FK Pohronie' with odds and prediction 12.50 for FK Raca Bratislava, stake - 4/10

Raca vs Pohronie at 15:00: Over 1.5 Match Goals after HT rating: 4 Stars

Waldemardo added a bet 'FK Raca Bratislava - FK Slovan Most Pri Bratislave' with odds and prediction 1.40 for Over, stake - 10/10

Allfather197 added a bet 'PSC Pezinok - FK Raca Bratislava' with odds and prediction 1.95 for FK Raca Bratislava, stake - 10/10

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