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Plagiarism is the representation of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one's own original work.Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions such as penalties, suspension, expulsion from school or work, substantial fines and even incarceration.


Plagiaulacida is a group of extinct multituberculate mammals. Multituberculates were among the most common mammals of the Mesozoic, "the age of the dinosaurs".

Plagiarism (album)

Plagiarism is the 17th album by American rock band Sparks. It is a tribute album of sorts featuring new alternate versions of some of their best known songs.

Plagiarism (EP)

Plagiarism is an EP by American mathcore band The Dillinger Escape Plan, released on the iTunes Music Store on June 13, 2006. The title is a reference to the fact that four of the EP's six tracks are covers faithful to the original songs.


Plagiantha is a genus of Brazilian plants in the grass family. The only known species is Plagiantha tenella, native to the state of Bahia in eastern Brazil.

Plagianthus betulinus

Plagianthus betulinus or ribbonwood is a tree that is endemic to New Zealand. One of the distinctive aspects of this tree is that it is usually deciduous which is unusual for New Zealand.

Plagiarhythm Nation

Plagiarhythm Nation, sometimes stylized as Plagiarhythm Nation, Vol 2.0, is the second full-length album by Mark Gunderson's experimental music project The Evolution Control Committee. It was released on Seeland Records on April 15, 2003.

Plagiarism from Wikipedia

Contributors to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia license their submitted content under a Creative Commons license, which permits re-use as long as attribution is given. However, there have been a number of occasions when persons have failed to give the necessary attribution and attempted to pass off material from Wikipedia as their own work.

Plagiarism and Literary Property in the Romantic Period

Plagiarism and Literary Property in the Romantic Period is a non-fiction book written by Tilar J. Mazzeo. In the book, Mazzeo shows that Romantic Period ideas surrounding plagiarism are at variance with twentieth century perceptions.


Voria is a genus of flies in the family Tachinidae.

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