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Petrojet SC

Petrojet Sporting Club , is an Egyptian sports club based in Suez, Egypt. The club is mainly known for its football team, which currently plays in the Egyptian Second Division, the second-highest league in the Egyptian football league system.

Petroleum ether

Petroleum ether is the petroleum fraction consisting of aliphatic hydrocarbons and boiling in the range 35‒60 °C, and commonly used as a laboratory solvent. Despite the name, petroleum ether is not classified as an ether; the term is used only figuratively, signifying extreme lightness and volatility.

Petronet LNG
Petronet LNG

Petronet LNG Limited, one of the companies in the Indian energy sector, has set up the country's first LNG receiving and regasification terminal in Dahej, Gujarat, and another terminal in Kochi, Kerala. While the Dahej terminal has a nominal capacity of 17.5 million tonnes per year , the Kochi terminal has a capacity of 5 million tonnes per year (equivalent to 20 million cubic metre per day of natural gas).


Petrotettix is a genus of cave weta in the family Rhaphidophoridae, endemic to New Zealand.


Petrozetoi was an inland town of ancient Bithynia inhabited during Roman times.Its site is tentatively located near İshakçılar in Asiatic Turkey.

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