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Panachaiki F.C.

Panachaiki 1891 Football Club is a football club based in Patras, Greece. Founded in 1891, they play the 2017-18 season in the Greek second division.

Panachaiki Volleyball Club

Panachaiki Volleyball Club is the volleyball department of Panachaiki, a multi-sport club based in Patras. It was founded in 1928.

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In this page you can find the most present or past footballer who played for the Greek football club Panachaiki.

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Panachaiki G.E.
Panachaiki G.E.

Panachaiki G.E. is a Greek multi-sport club based in the city of Patras, Greece. The history of Panachaiki began in 1891, when Panachaikos Gymnastikos Syllogos (Pan-Achaean Gymnastic Club) was founded.


The Panachaiko , also known as Vodias (Βοδιάς) in the Middle Ages, is a mountain range in Achaea, southern Greece. It spans about 20 km in length from north to south, and 15–20 km from east to west.

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