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Races of StarCraft
Races of StarCraft

Blizzard Entertainment's bestselling real-time strategy game series StarCraft revolves around interstellar affairs in a distant sector of the galaxy, with three species and multiple factions all vying for supremacy in the sector. The playable species of StarCraft include the Terrans, humans exiled from Earth who excel at adapting to any situation; the Zerg, a race of insectoids obsessed with assimilating other races in pursuit of genetic perfection; and the Protoss, a humanoid species with advanced technology and psionic abilities, attempting to preserve their civilization and strict philosophical way of living from the Zerg.


Squawfish or pikeminnows are cyprinid fish of the genus Ptychocheilus consisting of four species native to western North America. Voracious predators, they are considered an "undesirable" species in many waters.

P.A. Semi

P. A. Semi was a fabless semiconductor company founded in Santa Clara, California in 2003 by Daniel W. Dobberpuhl (BS EE 1967 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), who was previously the lead designer for the DEC Alpha 21064 and StrongARM processors. The company employed a 150-person engineering team which included people who had previously worked on processors like Itanium, Opteron and UltraSPARC. Apple Inc acquired P.A. Semi for $278 million in April 2008.

Palloseura Kemi Kings

Palloseura Kemi Kings or PS Kemi for short is a Finnish football team based in the town of Kemi, who are currently playing in the Finnish first division, the Ykkönen. After winning the championship, they will play in the premier division, the Veikkausliiga, in 2016.

Pskem River
Pskem River

The Pskem River or Pishkom is a river of Tashkent Region in Uzbekistan in the Pskem Mountains. The river runs for 70 km (43 mi) southwest with a basin area of 2,540 km2 (980 sq mi).

Pskem Mountains

The Pskem Mountain Range or Pishkom Mountains, a range in the west Tien Shan, is a natural border between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. It extends over 160 km from north-east to south-west in the extreme north-eastern finger of Uzbekistan's Tashkent Region.

PSE Mining and Oil Index

The PSE Mining and Oil Index is the main stock market index of the Philippine Stock Exchange for mining and oil companies. The index is probably one of the few indices of the PSE that do not have companies listed on the PSE Composite Index, with the exceptions of the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company and Philex Mining Corporation, which are listed on the PHISIX. However, this index is known to be one of the best performing indices on the PSE in recent years with the recent revival of the Philippine mining industry.

Asclepias exaltata
Asclepias exaltata

Asclepias exaltata is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae known by the common names poke milkweed and tall milkweed. It is native to eastern North America.

The PS Kemi's Football team activities page. Related with social media posts of PS Kemi's games and scheduled events. Match records planned for future dates as well as home and away matches. Plan a trip and experience the excitement of the match on the spot!