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Akademija Pandev🆚#Osogovo
📆TUESDAY 14.07.2020

😷IT`S MATCH TIME!😷 Akademija Pandev🆚#Osogovo ⚽️FRIENDLY MATCH ⏰18:00 🌶️Strumica 📆TUESDAY 14.07.2020 #AvantiOsogovo🟡🔵

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Osogovo or Osogovska Planina (Осоговска планина or Осоговски Планини) is a mountain and ski resort between the southwestern part of Bulgaria (Kyustendil Province) and the northeastern part of North Macedonia (Kočani and Kriva Palanka municipalities). It is about 110 km (68.35 mi) long and 50 km (31.07 mi) wide, the highest peak being Ruen (Руен) at 2251 m, which constitutes the main orthographic knot on the very border between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

Osogovo Bay
Osogovo Bay

Osogovo Bay , named after the Osogovo region in western Bulgaria, is bounded by the south coast of Rugged Island, by Astor Island, and by the west coast of the Byers Peninsula south of Laager Point, Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. By sea, it is entered between Benson Point and Devils Point.

Osogovo Monastery
Osogovo Monastery

Osogovo Monastery is a Macedonian Orthodox monastery located near Kriva Palanka, North Macedonia, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the Bulgarian border on Osogovo Mountain. Osogovo Monastery is home to an art colony and to an architecture school during the summer.


Osogovka is a Macedonian folk dance and its music, rhythm, costumes and geographical originate from the villages of Osogovo Mountain. The costumes are clean white, and the music is performed by orchestra of bagpipes followed by a folk orchestra.

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