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Sirius vs Orebro || Allsvenskan live stream
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Sirius vs Orebro || Allsvenskan live stream click to live➡️

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👓 Starting lineups for the Sirius vs Örebro match are in:


👓 Starting lineups for the Sirius vs Örebro match are in: ⚽⌚

Swedish Allsvenskan live stream IK Sirius FK vs Orebro live here:

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Details & Similar Teams

Örebro SK

Örebro Sportklubb, more commonly known as Örebro SK, Örebro or ÖSK, are a Swedish professional football club based in Örebro. The club are affiliated to Örebro Läns Fotbollförbund and play their home games at Behrn Arena.

Örebro Läns Fotbollförbund

The Örebro Läns Fotbollförbund is one of the 24 district organisations of the Swedish Football Association. It administers lower tier football in Örebro County.

Örebro HK

Örebro HK is a Swedish ice hockey club located in Örebro. The team is currently playing in the Swedish Hockey League , the top tier of Swedish ice hockey, since the 2013–14 season.


Örebro ) is a city with 124,027 inhabitants, the seat of Örebro Municipality and the capital of Örebro County in Sweden. It is the sixth largest city in Sweden and one of the largest inland hubs of the country.

Örebro County
Örebro County

Örebro County is a county or län in central Sweden. It borders the counties of Västra Götaland, Värmland, Dalarna, Västmanland, Södermanland and Östergötland.

Örebro Municipality
Örebro Municipality

Örebro Municipality is a municipality in Örebro County in central Sweden. Its seat is located in the city of Örebro.

Örebro University

Örebro University is a state university in Örebro, Sweden. University-level education in Örebro started in the 1960s, when Uppsala University started to offer some courses in Örebro.

Örebro Airport
Örebro Airport

Örebro Airport is located 10 kilometers southwest of Örebro and is Sweden's 23rd largest passenger airport and the 4th largest cargo airport. It was opened in 1979.

List of hundreds of Sweden

A hundred is a geographic division formerly used in northern Germanic countries and related colonies, which historically was used to divide a larger region into smaller administrative divisions. The equivalent term in Swedish is härad ; in Danish and Norwegian, herred; in Finnish, kihlakunta; and in Estonian, kihelkond.

Örebro Party

The Örebro Party is a local political party in Örebro, Sweden. Markus Allard is the party leader.

The Orebro's Football team activities page. Related with social media posts of Orebro's games and scheduled events. Match records planned for future dates as well as home and away matches. Plan a trip and experience the excitement of the match on the spot!