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Oberwinterthur is a district in the Swiss city of Winterthur. It is district number 2.

Oberwinterthur railway station
Oberwinterthur railway station

Oberwinterthur railway station is a railway station that serves Oberwinterthur, which is district number 2 in Winterthur, a city in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland.Opened in 1855, the station is of simple design, and is owned and operated by the Swiss Federal Railways. It is served by four Zürich S-Bahn lines.


Overwintering is the process by which some organisms pass through or wait out the winter season, or pass through that period of the year when "winter" conditions make normal activity or even survival difficult or near impossible. In some cases "winter" is characterized not necessarily by cold but by dry conditions; passing through such periods could likewise be called overwintering.

Insect winter ecology

Insect winter ecology describes the overwinter survival strategies of insects, which are in many respects more similar to those of plants than to many other animals, such as mammals and birds. Unlike those animals, which can generate their own heat internally , insects must rely on external sources to provide their heat (ectothermic).

Overwinter (novel)

Overwinter is a werewolf novel by David Wellington. It is the sequel to his previous werewolf novel Frostbite, though this novel is only available in print; it was not first published online like some of his other novels.

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