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Hardarson om 2-0-seieren mot Nest Sotra
Hardarson om 2-0-seieren mot Nest Sotra

Start tok sin femte strake hjemmeseier og forlenget rekken uten tap til 12 da laget vant 2-0 mot Nest-Sotra. Se høydepunktene og Joey Hardarsons analyse her.

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Nest-Sotra Fotball

Nest-Sotra Fotball is a Norwegian association football club from Sotra, Hordaland. In 2020, their elite license will be taken over by the new club Øygarden FK, which is a cooperation between Øygarden clubs Nordre Fjell, Sund SK, Skogsvåg IL, Telavåg IL, Skjergard IL and Nest-Sotra.The club was founded in on 1 January 1968, and its team colors are green and white.

Norwegian reserve football teams

Norwegian reserve football teams compete at all levels of league football within the Norwegian football league system apart from the top two divisions, Eliteserien and 1. divisjon.


Neststraw is a common name for several plants and may refer to:

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