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Zhinfuncvn added a bet 'San Giovanni - SS Murata' with odds and prediction 2.05 for SS Murata, stake - 10/10

Levsky added a bet 'San Giovanni - SS Murata' with odds and prediction 2.01 for SS Murata, stake - 10/10

Матч Мурата(Murata) - Сан Джованни (San Giovanni)Футбол. Сан-Марино. Кубок

Persoon added a bet 'SS Murata - San Giovanni' with odds and prediction 1.44 for Under, stake - 10/10

Asenlv added a bet 'SS Murata - San Giovanni' with odds and prediction 2.25 for Yes, stake - 10/10

Coppa Titano 2020-21 🇸🇲🏆 Resultados finales - Octavos de final (Ida) Libertas - La Fiorita: 0-4 Pennarossa - Tre Fiori: 2-1 Juvenes/Dogana - Domagnano: 1-3 Folgore - Virtus: 2-0 Mañana juegan Murata - San Giovanni para cerrar la fase de ida. La vuelta se juega 20 y 21 octubre.

Coppa Titano 2020-21 🇸🇲🏆 Resultados al entretiempo: Cosmos - Cailungo 1-0 (Giovanoli) Faetano - Fiorentino 0-0 Murata - San Giovanni se pasó para este jueves 1/10.

Calcio RSM: il Murata di Achille Fabbri a valanga sul San Giovanni (0-4) - Repubblica San Marino - Sport

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Murata (written: 村田 lit.

Murata, Miyagi
Murata, Miyagi

Murata is a town located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 August 2017, the town had an estimated population of 11,287, and a population density of 144 persons per km2 in 3990 households.

Murata Manufacturing
Murata Manufacturing

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components, based in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto.

Murata Machinery

Murata Machinery, Ltd. , abbrev.

Murata Electronics (Finland)

Murata Electronics Oy is a Finnish company that design, develop and manufacture accelerometers, inclinometers and gyro sensors based on the company's proprietary 3D MEMS technology. These sensors are used to measure things such as acceleration, inclination, vibration and pressure.

Murata Jukō
Murata Jukō

Murata Jukō is known in Japanese cultural history as the founder of the Japanese tea ceremony, in that he was the early developer of the wabi-cha style of tea enjoyment employing native Japanese implements. His name may also be pronounced Murata Shukō.

Murata rifle

The Murata rifle was the first indigenously produced Japanese service rifle adopted in 1880 as the Meiji Type 13 Murata single-shot rifle. The 13 referred to the adoption date, the year 13 in the Meiji period according to the Japanese calendar.

Murata Seifū
Murata Seifū

Murata Seifū was a Japanese Samurai, Karō of Chōshū Domain and a prominent economic reformer of the Edo period.

Murata Boy and Murata Girl
Murata Boy and Murata Girl

Murata Boy and Murata Girl are two self-balancing robots developed by Murata Manufacturing, a Japanese electronic components company. The company developed the robots to showcase a range of their products and generate publicity.

Murataly Tagaev

Murataly Abdykarovich Tagaev Тагаев; born on June 15, 1978) is a Kyrgyz politician who has been serving as Mayor of Jalal-Abad since 2018. He is fluent in both Kyrgyz and Russian, but he needs a dictionary to read in English.

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