Minerva Team Activity Highlights on Social Media

En juego. Tercer gol del equipo local. Pulpileño 3-0 Minerva. Partido @CPglovesES

En juego. Pulpileño 2-0 Minerva. Partido @CPglovesES

En juego. Pulpileño 1-0 Minerva. Partido @CPglovesES

Inicio. Pulpileño - Minerva. Partido @CPglovesES

La victoria del RMU Imperial en Totana con el doblete de Alberto Pérez hace que el filial saque renta del "pinchazo" en forma de empate del Atlético Pulpileño en El Palmar cuando los granas descansaron. Hoy reciben a la Minerva. Ahora con los mismos jugados (11): ATP,25 y RMI,24.

Más de 15 min de partido sigue el empate en el marcador. Minerva 0-0 Pulpileño. Partido patrocinado por @EscuelaCPerello

Inicio. Minerva - Pulpileño. Partido patrocinado por @EscuelaCPerello

Nuestros amigos de footters retransmitiran el partido de mañana entre la SFC Minerva vs Atletico Pulpileño a las 11:30 desde el Secante

Details & Similar Teams

Minerva Fabienne Hase
Minerva Fabienne Hase

Minerva Fabienne Hase is a German pair skater. With her skating partner, Nolan Seegert, she is the 2019 Rostelecom Cup bronze medalist and two-time German national champion (2019–20).


Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. Minerva is not a patron of violence such as Mars, but of defensive war only.

Minerva Reefs
Minerva Reefs

The Minerva Reefs are a group of two submerged atolls located in the Pacific Ocean south of Fiji and Tonga.

Minerva (video game)

Minerva is an episodic series of single-player modifications ("mods") for Valve's Half-Life 2. The mod was created by Adam Foster.

Minerva, Ohio
Minerva, Ohio

Minerva is a village in Carroll, Columbiana, and Stark counties in the U.S. state of Ohio. The population was 3,720 at the 2010 census.

Minerva (automobile)

Minerva was a Belgian firm active from 1902 to 1938 which was a prominent manufacturer of luxury automobile. The company became defunct in 1956.

Minerva (disambiguation)

Minerva is the Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom.

Minerva (Internet celebrity)

Minerva is the Internet username of a "netizen" who wrote about the Korean economy and the economic policies of the Korean government. Minerva's writing evoked the ire of the Korean government, when an entry precipitated a run on the South Korean won.

Minerva Schools at KGI

Minerva Schools at KGI is a university program headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is a partnership between the Minerva Project and Keck Graduate Institute , a member of the Claremont University Consortium.

MINERVA (spacecraft)

MINERVA are a series of rovers developed by the Japanese space agency JAXA for the purpose of exploring asteroid surfaces. The first MINERVA was part of the Hayabusa mission, and MINERVA-II are a series of three rovers for Hayabusa2.

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