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More early morning football in Prague, more industrial strength coffee, and another gem of a ground as FK Meteor Praha VIII take on SK Stap Tratek Vilemov.

Fotbal SK Štětí - FK Meteor Praha VIII 1:1 (10.9.2022)
Fotbal SK Štětí - FK Meteor Praha VIII 1:1 (10.9.2022)

SK Štětí – FK Meteor Praha VIII 1:1(0:0) 6. kolo 10. 9. 2022 Fortuna divize Třetí domácí utkání v této sezóně sehráli fotbalisté ...

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FK Meteor Prague VIII

FK Meteor Prague VIII is a football club located in Prague-Libeň, Czech Republic. It currently plays in the Czech Fourth Division.

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