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Lørenskog IF

Lørenskog Idrettsforening is a Norwegian football club from Lørenskog, founded in 1929 as a merger between Lørenskogkameratene and Solheim IF. Most of the time the club has played in the Norwegian Second Division, with a short spell in the Norwegian First Division in 2002. Notable former players for the club include John Carew, Henning Berg, Espen Olsen, Kim Holmen, Johan Nås and Abdisalam Ibrahim.

Lørenskog Ishall

Lørenskog Ishall is an indoor ice hockey arena located in Lørenskog, Norway. The capacity of the arena is 2,450 and it was opened in 1984.

Lørenskog IK

Lørenskog Ishockeyklubb is a Norwegian ice hockey team based in Lørenskog, Norway. The team competed in GET-ligaen from 2008 to 2018.

Norwegian reserve football teams

Norwegian reserve football teams compete at all levels of league football within the Norwegian football league system apart from the top two divisions, Eliteserien and 1. divisjon.


Lørenskog is a municipality in Akershus in Viken county, Norway. A suburb of Oslo, it is part of the Oslo urban area and the traditional region of Romerike.

Lørenskog Storsenter

Lørenskog Storsenter is a shopping centre in Lørenskog, Norway. The shopping centre was opened in 1988, and in 2005 it had a turnover of 825 million kr.

Lørenskog Station
Lørenskog Station

Lørenskog is a railway station on the Trunk Line in Lørenskog, Norway. The station itself lies just outside Oslo's city limit, but when it comes to fares, it is included in the price paid for an Oslo-ticket.

Lørenskog Upper Secondary School

Lørenskog Upper Secondary School is an upper secondary school in Lørenskog in Viken county, Norway. Established in 1972, it is one of two upper secondary schools in Lørenskog municipality along with Mailand Upper Secondary School.

Lørenskog Heliport, Ahus
Lørenskog Heliport, Ahus

Lørenskog Heliport, Ahus is a heliport situated on the premises of Akershus University Hospital (Ahus) in Lørenskog, Norway. It serves as the main base for air ambulance helicopters in the central part of Eastern Norway.

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