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Ljusdals BK

Ljusdals BK is a Swedish bandy club currently playing in Elitserien (the top division in Swedish bandy). LBK was founded in 1943 and is playing at Gamla Idrottsparken (IP) in Ljusdal, Hälsingland.

Ljusdals IF

Ljusdals IF is a Swedish football club located in Ljusdal.

Ljusdals IP

Ljusdals IP is a sports venue in Ljusdal. It is the home of Ljusdals BK and was the Bandy World Cup venue until 2008, when the tournament moved indoors.

Ljusdal Municipality
Ljusdal Municipality

Ljusdal Municipality is one of Sweden's 290 municipalities within Gävleborg County. Its seat is Ljusdal.

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