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Lokomotiv Gomel vs Lida >>> Lokomotiv Gomel vs Lida >>>

Chimik Svetlogorsk vs Lida at 13:00: Most Goals in Second Half rating: 1.5 Star

Lida - Mikashevichi: Home @ 1.66 +2.44% 26th Sep 13:00 GMT

Oshmyany vs Lida >>> Oshmyany vs Lida >>>

GOAL! Brommapojkarna W in Sweden Elitettan Women Jitex W 0-2 Brommapojkarna W GOAL! Auda in Latvia First Liga JDFS Alberts 1-1 Auda GOAL! Lida in Belarus Pershaya Liga Lida 1-0 Smorgon

FC Slonim vs Lida at 15:00: Most Goals in Second Half rating: 1.5 Star

Lukador added a bet 'FC Lida - Naftan Novopolotsk' with odds and prediction 2.60 for Over, stake - 10/10

Soccer Match Simulator: 12:00 PM EST - Volna Pinsk vs. FK Lida - SIMULATE THIS MATCH NOW: #soccer #sportsbetting #freepicks #bettingtips #bettingsimulator #simulation

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Lida Fleitmann Bloodgood
Lida Fleitmann Bloodgood

Lida Louise Fleitmann Bloodgood was an American author and horsewoman in both America and Europe.She was born as Lida Louise Fleitmann in 1894 to William Medlicott Fleitmann (1859-1929). On October 1, 1915 she received a double fracture of her right leg when her lightweight hunter, Cygnet, slipped and fell while they were competing at the Piping Rock Horse Show Association's thirteenth annual exhibition on the grounds of the Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley, New York.In 1922 she married John Van Schaick Bloodgood.


Lida is a city 160 km (99 mi) west of Minsk in western Belarus in Grodno Region.


Lidar is a method for measuring distances (ranging) by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflection with a sensor. Differences in laser return times and wavelengths can then be used to make digital 3-D representations of the target.

Lida Abdul

Lida Abdul is a video artist and performance artist from Afghanistan. She was born as Lida Abdullah in Kabul in 1979, fled the country as a child during the Soviet Invasion and went on to live in India and Germany then the United States.Her most recent work has been featured at the 2005 Venice Biennale, Kunsthalle Vienna, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem Netherlands and Miami Cantral, CAC Centre d'art contemporain de Brétigny and Frac Lorraine Metz, France.

LIDA (cognitive architecture)

The LIDA cognitive architecture is an integrated artificial cognitive system that attempts to model a broad spectrum of cognition in biological systems, from low-level perception/action to high-level reasoning. Developed primarily by Stan Franklin and colleagues at the University of Memphis, the LIDA architecture is empirically grounded in cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience.

LIDAR traffic enforcement
LIDAR traffic enforcement

Lidar has a wide range of applications; one use is in traffic enforcement and in particular speed limit enforcement, has been gradually replacing radar since 2000. Current devices are designed to automate the entire process of speed detection, vehicle identification, driver identification and evidentiary documentation.

Lida Moser

Lida Moser was an American-born photographer and author, with a career that spanned more than six decades, before retiring in her 90s. She was known for her photojournalism and street photography as a member of both the Photo League and the New York School.

Lida Chan

Lida Chan is a Cambodian filmmaker.

Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley
Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley

Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley (born 1954) is a letter-cutter, typeface designer, author and publisher and runs the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop in Cambridge. She is considered the foremost letter-cutter currently working in the United Kingdom and is "dedicated to the increase of good lettering in the world".

Lidia Yusupova

Lidia Muhtarovna Yusupova (born September 15, 1961 in Grozny, Soviet Union) is the Coordinator of the law office of the Moscow-based human rights organization Memorial. Formerly, Yusupova was the director of the Grozny office of Memorial.

The Lida's Football team activities page. Related with social media posts of Lida's games and scheduled events. Match records planned for future dates as well as home and away matches. Plan a trip and experience the excitement of the match on the spot!