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One day closer to the reveal.
This time it might help you solve the puzzle.

أصبحنا اقرب بيوم واحد عن يوم الاطلاق.
هذه المره، يمكن لهذا المنشور مساعدتك على حل اللغز.

#KSA #Egypt #Libya #Jordan #Bahrain #Morocco #Oman #Saudi_Arabia #Tunisia #MENA #KW

One day closer to the reveal. This time it might help you solve the puzzle. Ready? أصبحنا اقرب بيوم واحد عن يوم الاطلاق. هذه المره، يمكن لهذا المنشور مساعدتك على حل اللغز. مستعد؟ #save_the_date #KSA #Egypt #Libya #Jordan #Bahrain #Morocco #Oman #Saudi_Arabia #Tunisia #MENA #KW

The Spread Of Coronavirus In The Arab World (26 Feb to 09 Jun) via @YouTube #uae #SaudiArabia #morocco #algeria #tunisia #egypt #Somalia #sudan #libya #Covid_19 #COVID__19 #arab #qatar #Bahrain

We salute our neighbours in #Libya and #Algeria, as well as the rest of the Maghreb union, which we are aiming to activate and strengthen. #Tunisia #Ghannouchi

.@R_Ghannouchi on Nessma: There is no negative neutrality when it comes to #Tunisia's interests, there is only positive neutrality. Everyone looks to benefit from #Libya as a future market for agriculture, tourism, jobs, business- #Tunisia should be part of that future.

#libya #Turkey  #Algeria #Tunisia ❤️

#libya #Turkey #Algeria #Tunisia ❤️

With Russia making moves in Libya, the US wants to boost its ties with neighboring Tunisia via @businessinsider

With Russia making moves in Libya, the US wants to boost its ties with neighboring Tunisia — via @sofrepofficial

#LeavingNoOneBehind in the #MENA region. Read how #UNODC has provided direct assistance in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Palestine and Tunisia in times of #COVID19. Full story 🖥️

الغنوشي: لا حياد تجاه مصالح تونس في ليبيا.. ويعلن موقفه من "الوفاق" via @cnnarabic

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Libya national football team

The Libya national football team represents Libya in men's international association football and it's controlled by the Libyan Football Federation. The team has never qualified for FIFA World Cups in history but has qualified for three Africa Cup of Nations: 1982, 2006, and 2012.


Libya ; Arabic: ليبيا‎, romanized: Lībiyā), officially the State of Libya (Arabic: دولة ليبيا‎, romanized: Dawlat Lībiyā), is a country in the Maghreb region in North Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad to the south, Niger to the southwest, Algeria to the west, and Tunisia to the northwest. The sovereign state is made of three historical regions: Tripolitania, Fezzan and Cyrenaica.

Libyan Civil War (2011)
Libyan Civil War (2011)

The First Libyan Civil War was an armed conflict in 2011 in the North African country of Libya fought between forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and foreign supported groups seeking to oust his government. It erupted with the Libyan Revolution, also known as the 17 February Revolution.

Libyan Civil War (2014–present)
Libyan Civil War (2014–present)

The Second Libyan Civil War is an ongoing conflict among rival factions seeking control of Libya. After erupting in 2014, the conflict is mostly between: the House of Representatives, elected in 2014 with a low turnout , relocated to Tobruk, which appointed Marshal Khalifa Haftar as commander-in-chief of the Libyan National Army with the mission of restoring its sovereignty over the whole of Libyan territory.

Libyan National Army
Libyan National Army

The Libyan National Army is a component of Libya's military forces which were nominally a unified national force under the command of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar when he was nominated to the role on 2 March 2015 by the House of Representatives, consisting at the time of a ground force, an air force and a navy. In 2014, LNA launched Operation Dignity, a military campaign against the General National Congress and armed militias and Islamist militant organizations.

Libyan Air Force
Libyan Air Force

The Libyan Air Force is the branch of the Libyan military responsible for aerial warfare. In 2010, before the Libyan Civil War, the Libyan Air Force personnel strength was estimated at 18,000, with an inventory of 374 combat capable aircraft operating from 13 military airbases in Libya.

Libyan Airlines

Libyan Airlines , formerly known as Libyan Arab Airlines over several decades, is the flag carrier of Libya. Based in Tripoli, it operates scheduled passenger and cargo services within Libya and to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, the majority of which leave from Tripoli International Airport.

Libyan Arabic
Libyan Arabic

Libyan Arabic is a variety of Arabic spoken in Libya and neighboring countries. It can be divided into two major dialect areas; the eastern centred in Benghazi and Bayda, and the western centred in Tripoli and Misurata.

Libyan Investment Authority

The Libyan Investment Authority (المؤسسة الليبية للاستثمار) is a government-managed sovereign wealth fund and holding company headquartered in Tripoli, Libya. It was established on August 28, 2006, by Decree 208 of the General People's Committee of Libya (GPC), after the lifting of economic sanctions that had previously precluded foreign investment in Libya.

Libyan peace process
Libyan peace process

The Libyan peace process is a series of meetings, agreements and actions that aim to resolve the Second Libyan Civil War. Among these are the Skhirat agreement of December 2015 and the plans for the Libyan National Conference in April 2019 that were delayed because of the 2019–20 Western Libya campaign.In July 2019, Ghassan Salamé, the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya , proposed a three-point peace plan, to consist of a ceasefire, an international meeting of implicated countries for enforcing the arms embargo and an internal Libyan conference composed of economic, military and political "tracks".

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