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Pierres de Lecq
Pierres de Lecq

Les Pierres de Lecq or the Paternosters are a group of uninhabitable rocks or a reef in the Bailiwick of Jersey between Jersey and Sark, 6 km north of Grève de Lecq in Saint Mary, and 22.4 km west of the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy. Only three or four of the rocks remain visible at high tide: L'Êtaîthe (the eastern one), La Grôsse (the big one) and La Vouêtaîthe (the western one).

Leslie Lloyd Rees

Leslie Lloyd Rees was variously Honorary Chaplain to the Queen, Chaplain-General of Prisons and Anglican Bishop of Shrewsbury.Rees was educated at Kelham Theological College. He was made deacon at Michaelmas 1942 (20 September) and ordained priest the Michaelmas following (18 September 1943) — both times by John Morgan, Bishop of Llandaff at Llandaff Cathedral.

Leslie Rees (author)

George Leslie Clarke Rees was an Australian author and writer for children who was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia.He attended Perth Modern School and then the University of Western Australia, where he edited the student magazine, Black Swan. He then worked for The West Australian as a journalist before travelling to London to study at University College on a scholarship.

Leslie Rescorla

Leslie Altman Rescorla is a developmental psychologist and expert on language delay in toddlers. Rescorla is Professor of Psychology on the Class of 1897 Professorship of Science and Director of the Child Study Institute at Bryn Mawr College.

Leslie Pressnell

Leslie Pressnell was a British monetary historian. He taught at the University of Exeter, University College London, his alma mater the London School of Economics, City, University of London, and finally the University of Kent, where he was Professor of Economic and Social History.

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