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CONGO - LIGUE 1 16:00 FC Nathalys de Pointe-Noire vs AS Kondzo 16:00 Inter Club Brazzaville vs JS Talangai 18:00 AS Cheminots vs Diables Noirs 18:00 Etoile Du Congo vs AS Otoho 18:00 Leopards de Dolisie vs Cara Brazzaville 18:00 V. Club Mokanda vs Patronage Sainte-Anne :

Details & Similar Teams

Inter Club d'Escaldes
Inter Club d'Escaldes

Inter Club d'Escaldes is an Andorran football club based in Escaldes-Engordany. The club currently plays in Primera Divisió.

Inter Club Brazzaville

Inter Club Brazzaville is a Congolese basketball and football club based in Brazzaville. Orlando Magic basketball player, Serge Ibaka played for the team as a sixteen-year-old.

G.D. Interclube

Grupo Desportivo Interclube, usually known as Interclube or Inter de Luanda, is an Angolan football club based in Luanda. The club is attached to the Angolan police force.

Juventude Atlético do Moxico

Juventude Atlético do Moxico, simply known Juventude do Moxico, and formerly known as Inter do Moxico is a football club from Luena, Moxico province, Angola. The club was relegated from the Angolan Premier Division, Girabola in the end of the 2007 championship.

G.D. Interclube (basketball)

Grupo Desportivo Interclube is an Angolan multisports club based in Luanda. The club's basketball teams compete at the local level, at the Luanda Provincial Basketball Championships and at the Men's and Women's leagues as well as at continental level, at the annual African Basketball Club Champions League.

G.D. Interclube (handball)

G.D. Interclube is a men's handball team from Angola. The club competes at the Luanda Provincial Handball Championship and at the Angola National Handball Championship as well as at continental level, at the annual African Handball Champions League competitions.

Inter Club Brazzaville (basketball)

Inter Club Brazzaville, commonly known as Inter Club, is a Congolese basketball club based in Brazzaville. The team is most known as being the first club of NBA player Serge Ibaka.

Void (astronomy)
Void (astronomy)

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