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Futbolmaestro added a bet 'FC Vsetin - SFK Holesov' with odds and prediction 1.70 for Under, stake - 10/10

Futbolmaestro added a bet 'FC Vsetin - SFK Holesov' with odds and prediction 1.52 for FC Vsetin, stake - 10/10

SFK ELKO Holešov - FK Šumperk (4. 9. 2021 - sestřih)
SFK ELKO Holešov - FK Šumperk (4. 9. 2021 - sestřih)

Sestřih utkání 6. kola divizní skupiny E sezóny 2021/2022. Šumperský tým vyhrál na půdě nováčka 2:0. Góly: Petr Linet - 0:56 Ondřej Musílek - 2:29 Reportáž z ...

GOAL! Honka W in Finland Kansallinen Liiga Women Honka W 2-0 HPS W GOAL! I-Kissat in Finland Kakkonen TPV 0-1 I-Kissat GOAL! Slavičín in Czech Republic Czech Cup Slavičín 1-0 Holesov

GOAL! Slavičín in Czech Republic Czech Cup Slavičín 1-0 Holesov GOAL! Leningradets in Russia Pfl Krasava Odintsovo 0-1 Leningradets

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Holešov is a town in the Zlín Region, Czech Republic. The town is located on the western hillside of the Hostýn Hills - the westernmost part of the Carpathian Mountains.


Holasovice is a village in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic. It has around 1,359 inhabitants and lies 10 km north-west of Opava.


Holešovice is a district in the north of Prague situated on a meander of the River Vltava, which makes up the main part of the district Prague 7 (an insignificant part belongs to Prague 1). In the past it was a heavily industrial suburb; today it is home to the main site of the Prague's National Gallery in Veletržní palác, National Technical Museum or a convention center Výstaviště Praha.

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Holešov Airport

Holešov Airport was an old airport serving the city of Holešov. The airport opened in the 1946 and closed in 2009.

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