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Accra Hearts of Oak S.C.

Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club, commonly referred to as Hearts of Oak or just Hearts. Hearts of Oak S.C is a professional sports club based in Accra Ghana.

Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak may refer to:

Hearts of Oak (album)

Hearts of Oak is the third studio album by American indie rock band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, released on February 11, 2003 by Lookout! Records.

Hearts of Oak (play)

Hearts of Oak is an 1879 play by Americans James Herne and David Belasco taken from the British play, The Mariner's Compass, by Henry Leslie .

Hearts of Oak (New York militia)
Hearts of Oak (New York militia)

The Hearts of Oak were a volunteer militia based in the British colonial Province of New York and formed circa 1775 in New York City. The original name was evidently adopted in emulation of the enlightened Corsican Republic, headed by Pasquale Paoli, which had been suppressed six years before, and which got considerable sympathy in Britain and its colonies.

Hearts of Oak (film)

Hearts of Oak is a 1924 American drama film directed by John Ford. The film is considered to be lost.

Hearts of Oak (Ireland)

The Hearts of Oak, also known as Oakboys and Greenboys, was a protest movement of farmers and weavers that arose in County Armagh, Ireland in 1761. Their grievances were the paying of ever increasing county cess, tithes, and small dues.

Heart of Oak

“Heart of Oak” is the official march of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. It is also the official march of several Commonwealth navies including the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Heart of Oak (1762 ship)

Heart of Oak, of 300 tons , was launched in South Carolina in 1762. She spent most of her career as a merchant vessel, though between 1777 and 1782 she served the Royal Navy as a hired armed ship.

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