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Heartland F.C.

Heartland Football Club is a Nigerian football club based in Owerri. The team play their home games at Dan Anyiam Stadium .


Heartland or Heartlands may refer to:

Heartland (Canadian TV series)

Heartland is a Canadian family drama television series which debuted on CBC on October 14, 2007. The series is based on the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke and follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming, their grandfather Jack Bartlett, and Ty Borden through the highs and lows of life at the ranch.

Heartland rock

Heartland rock is a genre of rock music characterized by a straightforward, often roots musical style, a concern with middle class and/or blue-collar American life, and a conviction that rock music has a social or communal purpose beyond just entertainment. The genre is exemplified by singer-songwriters Tom Petty, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp.

Heartland Conference
Heartland Conference

The Heartland Conference was a collegiate athletic conference affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association 's Division II level, which was founded in 1999. The majority of members were in Texas, with additional members in Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. was a Fortune 1000 U.S.-based payment processing and technology provider.

Heartland bandavirus

Heartland bandavirus, sometimes called Heartland virus , is a tick-borne phlebovirus of the Bhanja virus serocomplex discovered in 2009. The lone star tick transmits the virus to people when feeding on blood.

Heartland Bank

Heartland Bank is a New Zealand owned bank that was created in 2011 through the merging of four financial organisations to gain.Heartland was granted its bank registration by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in 2012. It specialises in motor vehicle loans, reverse mortgages, small business finance, livestock finance, savings, investments and deposits.

Heartland (TV network)

Heartland is an American country music-oriented digital broadcast television network that is owned by Reach High Media Group and broadcast out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Launched on April 16, 2012, the network began in 2012 as a revival of The Nashville Network that existed as a basic cable and satellite television network from March 7, 1983 to September 24, 2000.

Heartland Alliance

Heartland Alliance is an anti-poverty organization based in Chicago, with a historical focus on serving American immigrant communities. Heartland Alliance devotes the bulk of its funding to initiatives that address poverty through health and housing, with further programs centered on jobs, justice, and international work.

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