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Guardsman is a rank used instead of private in some military units that serve as the official bodyguard of a sovereign or head of state. It is also used as a generic term for any member of a guards unit of any rank.

The Guardsman

The Guardsman is a 1931 American pre-Code film based on the play Testőr by Ferenc Molnár. It stars Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, Roland Young and ZaSu Pitts.

Guardsman (comics)

Guardsman was the name of a fictional supervillain/superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The name was later applied to a small squad of agents.

Guardsman (disambiguation)

Guardsman is a military rank.

The Guardsman (1925 film)

The Guardsman is a 1925 Austrian silent comedy film directed by Robert Wiene and starring Alfred Abel, María Corda and Anton Edthofer. An actor, jealous of his wife's suspected infidelity, disguises himself as an officer of the royal guard and begins courting her to try to catch her out.


Guardsmark was a major provider of security services in North America, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. Founded in 1963, Guardsmark was the fourth largest security company and the only major provider privately held by one family.

Meanings of minor planet names: 21001–22000

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names.


Gwardamanġa , is a hamlet in Tal-Pietà, Malta. In Gwardamanġa is located the St.

The Best of Broadway

The Best of Broadway is a 60-minute live television anthology series that aired on CBS Television on Wednesdays at 10pm ET from September 15, 1954 to May 4, 1955 for a total of nine episodes. Each show was broadcast live in color from New York City, was an adaptation of a famous Broadway play, and included ads for Westinghouse featuring Betty Furness.This series ran every fourth week, with Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts being aired the other three weeks.

Guards (band)

Guards are an American three piece rock band. They consist of Richie Follin, Loren Humphrey, and Kaylie Church.

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