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Матч Стенунгсунд(Stenungsunds) - Греббестад (Grebbestads)Футбол. Швеция. 3-й дивизион. Северный Геталанд

Stenungsunds IF - Grebbestads IF 🇸🇪 Stenungsunds IF over 1.5 team goals (0-0, 17 min) 1.72 @ bet365 15 EUR - rating: 2/5 #inplay #betting

Get ready for bet 1 11:00 Stenungsunds IF v Grebbestads IF HM SC ⚽️80% - AW CONC🥅60% AW SC ⚽️ 40% - HM CONC 🥅50% Combine FHG - 85% Stake:⭐️⭐️ League:Sweden 2.div Norra Götaland

Stenungsunds - Grebbestads: Home @ 1.67 +18.21% 10th Oct 10:00 GMT

Se Grebbestads match mot Oddevold - vår sändning börjar 13:50 /+/ | Strömstads tidning

Grebbestads - Oddevold: Away @ 1.87 +8.83% 26th Sep 12:00 GMT

Asenlv added a bet 'Grebbestads IF - IFK Tidaholm' with odds and prediction 3.20 for Over, stake - 8/10

Lukador added a bet 'Sävedalens IF - Grebbestads IF' with odds and prediction 1.95 for Over, stake - 10/10

Savedalens - Grebbestads: Away @ 1.87 +11.81% 22nd Aug 10:30 GMT

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Details & Similar Teams

Grebbestads IF

Grebbestads IF is a Swedish football club located in Grebbestad.

Grebbestad Bryggeri

Grebbestad Bryggeri is a brewery in the town Grebbestad on the Swedish west coast. It is a relatively small and local brewery producing their products mainly for the use of the local county Bohuslän.


Grebbestad ]) is a locality situated in Tanum Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. As of 2010, there were 1,401 inhabitants, though this number can increase by as much as ten-fold during the summer.

The Grebbestads's Football team activities page. Related with social media posts of Grebbestads's games and scheduled events. Match records planned for future dates as well as home and away matches. Plan a trip and experience the excitement of the match on the spot!